Rose Bush


By Patricia Taylor Wells

The Sun rests briefly

Between two hemispheres

Wrapped in equal day and night,    

As Earth nods in its direction—

Coaxing the cosmic star to journey

Across the northern sky.

Soon the Earth will begin to thaw

And rivers and streams will flood,,

Overwhelmed by melting snow.

Gradually the ground relaxes,

As the crocus and daffodil

Shyly peek at morning sun.

The trees sprout gowns of green

To keep us cool and clean the air.

Bunnies bounce across the lawn

And birds sing sweet refrains,

As bees and butterflies

Compete for colors

That draw them to the bloom.

As the days grow longer

And the sky is painted blue—

The weariness of Winter

Fades, even in our hearts,

And our eyes open wide

To all that’s new

As we embrace the Spring.